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Macau Casino Tycoon Backs New Korean Blackjack Game

Taking a stroll through the neon-soaked streets of Macau, you may come across a poker game in one of its many gambling clubs. Often, the players are Chinese sharps and a few clueless fish. 온라인카지노사이트

A kerfuffle with family members has cast doubt on the future of Stanley Ho's casino empire, which once held a lucrative monopoly in the former Portuguese-run enclave. But his charitable contributions have won papal approval.


A few years ago Macau Blackjack was kind of like the Wild West – there were many different rules in use and it was hard to get a handle on what the best basic strategy was. Fortunately those days are behind us and the game has become much more streamlined with a good deal of consistency across casinos.

This is a very good thing for the players as it means that they can find tables with house edges as low as 0.15% (5 decks) or 0.16% (6 decks). These are fantastic odds and well below what one would expect to find in Vegas!

As the three wives and 16 children of tycoon Stanley Ho wrestle for control of his gambling empire, the veneer of professionalism has peeled from his once-soaring business. But Ho is hardly alone as family business empires struggle to adapt in a world where governments are less tolerant of monopolies and globalization sweeps aside weaker businesses.


The house edge in blackjack is.33 percent, which makes it one of the best games in the casino. The rules allow players to surrender against any dealer up card, and this lowers the house edge even further. In addition, the minimum bet is 10 USD. This makes it easy for players of any budget to play. 카지노사이트

Wander past the neon-soaked streets of Macau’s downtown and you will come across StarWorld, a Western-style casino owned by Galaxy Entertainment. Upstairs, a gigantic game of poker takes place in a room packed with Chinese sharps, a few clueless fish, and a well-known pro to add luster to the proceedings. The game is a metaphor for gambling’s role in the region. Macau’s history is inextricably linked to its gambling industry, which was legalised in 18494 by Governor Ferreira do Amaral, launching the Fantan Era. It created charismatic entrepreneurs like Stanley Ho Hung-sun, who died last year at 99, leaving 16 children from four different wives.


The flamboyant and often lethal empires of Asian-style crony capitalism are starting to lose their luster as governments become less tolerant of monopolies and globalization brings competition that sweeps aside weaker businesses. But while the personal wealth of casino magnates like Stanley Ho has dimmed, his legacy looms large in the world’s largest gaming market.

Despite its fading glory, blackjack remains one of Macau’s most profitable games. It is a fixture in the bigger casinos but the smaller ones have dropped it. Thankfully, those that have kept it up, like Ponte 16, Altira and Oceanus, offer tables at a reasonable $100 minimum.

The low house edge is 0.15% (5 decks) or 0.16% (6 decks). The Wizard of Odds has a great basic strategy chart for this game. It’s worth checking out if you plan to play in Macau anytime soon. He’s got all the best tips for getting started on the right foot. He also has strategies for playing baccarat and roulette too.


Since gambling was legalized in Macau in 18494 by Governor Ferreira do Amaral, a number of charismatic entrepreneurs have helped shape the industry. These men were, in their own eras and roles, instrumental to the development of Macau as one of the world’s biggest casino markets.

One such personality was Stanley Ho. The man who made his name by running a successful casino empire in Asia was a bon vivant, sports fan, and philanthropist. He was also an avid collector of art and antiquities. His charitable contributions even earned him papal approval.

In terms of blackjack, there are a few differences between Macau and South Korea. In fact, some of the rules in Macau aren’t allowed in South Korea, such as back betting. While this may seem unfair, it can give the games in South Korea a more favorable house edge than their counterparts in Vegas. Moreover, the minimum bets in South Korea are much lower than in Macau. 바카라사이트

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